Tax Rebate NoM

Council debated a Notice of Motion brought forward by Cllr. Wong (2024 Residential Tax Rebate) at the January 30th Regular meeting of Council. Here is how I approached the decision and an update on the outcome...

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2024 Pay Increase

There has been a lot of reporting on Council’s 2024 pay increase over the past couple months, including it being discussed in Council this week. Read on to find my perspective on this contentious issue...

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2024 Property Assessments and what they mean to you

On January 3rd, Property Assessment Notices were mailed out by The City of Calgary.

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2023 Holiday Message


Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays Ward 12!

I find myself anticipating the holidays more than I can remember in recent memory. This year has had its fair share of highlights and challenges and I am looking forward to some rest and quality time with loved ones.

On the highlights side of the ledger, I am excited to share details in 2024 about the economic and housing opportunities that are coming in our City and Ward. I have had the privilege of contributing to a regional economic development conversation called Prairie Economic Gateway which stands to be an important economic driver in our City and region.  On the housing front, Ward 12 continues to welcome some of the most complete and connected communities and the housing strategy, Home is Here, will begin to move forward in earnest.

While The City moves forward with work important to our collective future, I am mindful of the financial realities facing many. I would encourage you to read my blog on budget this year 2023 Adjustments - Evan Spencer for Ward 12 and reach out to discuss further. You can reach my office by emailing [email protected].

I am grateful for the ongoing partnership with the amazing people of Ward 12. The challenges we are facing are not insurmountable as we face them together. I want to thank everyone who has taken the time to thoughtfully engage with me and my office around those challenges and offered their feedback and support.

I hope that your holiday season is full of joy and gratitude.


Evan Spencer





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2023 Adjustments

The Budget Deliberations are over. The people of Ward 12 have been reaching out with their feedback and frustration throughout the process, especially with the long lead time on the fact that Council was going to be contemplating a 7.8% increase in residential taxes.

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Odour Update November 2023

Another month, another odour update and there is a lot of activity happening that is moving us forward! The City of Calgary hosted information sessions about the S.E. odour investigation back in October and we received lots of great comments and questions from attendees. What was clear to me as I listened in is that Calgarians are very passionate on this topic and want to stay as informed as possible on everything that is happening.

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Budget Deliberations 2023

Thank you for taking an interest in Council's 2023 budget deliberations.

Here is what is on my mind as I prepare:

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Odour Update September 2023

We are pleased to share that the S.E. Odour Investigation Project has been completed and the findings are now available at

S.E. Odours – info sessions

To share the results of the S.E. Odour Investigation with interested Calgarians, City staff will be hosting two online sessions for residents to attend:

Session #1
Tuesday, October 3
7p.m.- 8:30p.m.
Register Here

Session #2
Thursday, October 5
Noon – 1:30p.m.
Register Here

We encourage you to attend these sessions to hear from the subject matter experts in their areas and to have your questions answered directly from the source.

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Housing Strategy

157 speakers. 24 hours of public hearings. 800 pages of public written submissions. 21 amendments presented (most rejected). Hours of debate. Three full days of Committee and Council discussion.

One Strategy.

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Mahogany Access

The frustration is real. Many of the concerns legitimate. Traffic access in Mahogany is a problem right now. Learn more about the history of the issue and impending future relief.

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