Housing Strategy

157 speakers. 24 hours of public hearings. 800 pages of public written submissions. 21 amendments presented (most rejected). Hours of debate. Three full days of Committee and Council discussion.

One Strategy.

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Mahogany Access

The frustration is real. Many of the concerns legitimate. Traffic access in Mahogany is a problem right now. Learn more about the history of the issue and impending future relief.

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Local Access Fee in Calgary

The convergence of an affordability crisis, skyrocketing energy prices, and Calgary’s Local Access Fee (LAF) have further put Calgarians in a difficult spot. Seeking to understand and want to know what Council has been doing in response? Read on...

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Odour Update August 2023

Thank you Ward 12 for your patience as you waited for the odour report from our external consultants. The report (along with additional information and summaries) will be accessible on the Odours in S.E. Calgary City web page in the Fall.

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Foxtails Update - June 2023

June Update

A few months ago, I presented a Notice of Motion to address Foxtails through our Community Standards Bylaw, to fill a gap that education and City/Local mitigation efforts are unable to address. It was supported by my Council colleagues 14-1 to move forward.

Notice of Motion – Addressing Foxtail Barley, EC2023-0328 (escribemeetings.com)

You can view the discussion and debate here: Regular Meeting of Council - April 25, 2023 (escribemeetings.com)

Administration will be coming back with thorough recommendations on June 28, at the Community Development Committee. If successful, it will go onto the July 4 Meeting of Council for final approval.

June 28 Community Development Committee - Item 7.3


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I am excited to report that The City has reinstated aerial fireworks alongside its Canada Day celebration!

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Ricardo Ranch Development

Ward 12 is home to the Ricardo Ranch Area Structure Plan (Ricardo Ranch ASP).

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Odour Update May 2023

As we have already hit very warm temperatures in our City many noticed yesterday evening that the odour concerns have begun. Although mitigation has started, the odour will unfortunately not dissipate immediately, and it will take time to see results. Please continue to report the concerns to 311 and reach out to us as necessary. In the coming months, we look forward to starting community engagement and creating a local group to help advocate for these concerns.

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Rivers District and Event Centre deal

Transit Safety in Calgary and what is being done to improve it

April 11, 2023 Update

In the last few weeks, efforts have stepped up to improve Transit safety in Calgary, both by The Province and The City.

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