Committed, compassionate, and common-sense leadership for our Ward 12 communities


My beautiful wife Anna and our two children are my top priority and the reason I’m running to be your voice on City Council. I want everyone in southeast Calgary — including my own family — to see the potential of their neighbours and neighbourhoods and be proud to call it home. 


At heart, I’m a community organizer and advocate — volunteering in my neighbourhood before my house was even finished being built. With a demonstrated track record of creating buy-in and empowering others, it’s become second nature to fight for issues that matter and advocate for compelling people and ideas. I’ve served my neighbours and community well, most recently my Ward and City in the Ward 12 office for Councillor Keating. Going into this role, I knew what was possible at the block and neighbourhood level and quickly learned what is possible at the municipal level. 


When experienced Leadership asked once again if I was interested in taking on this role, and my neighbours piled on with their support, that’s when we decided as a family that I should take on the opportunity and responsibility of running as your Ward 12 Councillor. Everything I have done up until now supports my ability to represent my fellow residents at City Hall.


The first 10 years of my vocational life were spent serving as a pastor and learning to listen and respond to the needs of people with compassion and empathy. My most important takeaway from that experience? Learning that people naturally come together when something bigger than themselves and their own self-interest is the end goal — that life is always better when we are inspired to boldly invest in the people, places, and businesses around us.


I’ve fallen in love with SE Calgary and been embraced in return. This is why I’m running to be your advocate at City Hall.


Thank you for your time and support!


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