Evan Spencer Is A City Council-Experienced Policy Nerd & Seasoned Community Leader Asking For Your Vote on October 18




Evan Spencer is a passionate policy nerd with demonstrated City Council and Committee experience. He understands the inner workings of council and is adept at gaining the support Ward 12 residents and businesses need. Evan is also a well-known community advocate, a great neighbour, and a committed family man. He lives and plays in Ward 12 as a father to two kids, husband, and volunteer.

Evan understands what the job of being your city councillor actually involves, having worked in Councillor Keating's Ward 12 office throughout the past year. From listening to all people to getting potholes fixed to working with Provincial officials, Evan has the personality, knowledge and hands-on experience to serve as your new councillor from day one!

Evan understands he would be working for you if you elect him as your Ward 12 councillor. Evan is ready to advocate for Ward 12 and help our community residents and businesses thrive.

Evan Believes in Fostering Thriving Neighbourhoods

Ward 12 is remarkable. Deep southeast Calgary has grown to include robust communities; many complete and nearly complete neighbourhoods; retail and recreational opportunities; green spaces; and nearly everything we might need close to home.

With growth comes challenge and opportunity. Evan has identified dozens of practical improvements to benefit Ward 12, and as your councillor will leverage initiatives to foster thriving neighbourhoods for everyone through three pillars of policy – spending smarter, improving livability, and growing jobs and opportunities. 

Evan Cares About What You Care About

Learn how Evan will work with City Council to help you live your best life here in Calgary’s amazing deep southeast communities.

Find policy details here. And check back often! Evan is always learning and researching. More details will be added to his platform as he learns more about what you want and need while he's knocking doors and meeting people in Ward 12 communities.

Positivity. Possibility. Policy.








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