About Evan

Evan Spencer is a passionate and experienced community advocate, emerging policy nerd, family man, and a great neighbour.

Evan lives and plays in Ward 12 as a father to two kids, husband, neighbour, and volunteer. He shares your passion for building outstanding communities. 

Evan is Qualified & Committed to Civic Policy

Evan brings firsthand knowledge and experience of the City of Calgary and Council operations to his candidacy to be your next councillor. Having served the people of Ward 12 as the Constituent Assistant for Councillor Shane Keating for the past year, Evan has “been in the weeds” of the job from preparing complicated Notices of Motion to interacting extensively with constituents and businesses on behalf of the Councillor. 

Going forward, this familiarity with the people, operations, and issues he will be dealing with will allow Evan the ability to “hit the ground running” as a strong voice for Ward 12.

Evan combines this direct City Hall experience with two decades of extensive involvement in community development initiatives. And, as a certified life coach, Evan has the skill set to listen to, advocate for, and help residents and businesses thrive. Evan is a proven collaborator, negotiator, and go-getter. 

Evan Prioritizes Positivity

After earning a BA in Leadership Development from Rocky Mountain College, Evan spent the first 10 years of his vocational life as a pastor. During this time, he honed his people and communication skills and learned there is no substitute for a motivated and empowered team. When Evan moved to southeast Calgary he immediately got involved in his community through volunteering. As he shared his enthusiasm and leadership skills, Evan was quickly entrusted with chairing the Volunteer Committee and then hired as the Mahogany HOA Volunteer Coordinator. 

Evan Acts on Possibility

Evan put his background in marketing and events management to effective use when he started Abundant Community Copperfield Mahogany to inspire people to organize and care for their neighbourhood blocks. Building off this, he became a consultant for Nextdoor Canada — social networking for neighbourhoods. Evan also sat on the board for the LRT on the Green Foundation to get Calgary’s Green Line built in its entirety from north to south.

Evan is a Committed Family Man. 

Evan met his supportive, caring, and compassionate wife, Anna, in college and they were married in 2008. They are the proud parents of Micah (10) and Sarah (8). As a family, the Spencers enjoy Friday movie nights and their weekend hikes in the mountains as often as possible.

Evan is a Great Neighbour

Evan has dedicated his adult life to building community. A born and raised Calgarian, Evan was fortunate to have two loving parents who modelled hard work and genuine care for others. This upbringing instilled in him strong values and ultimately set him on the path of servant leadership and community advocacy.

Evan Builds Thriving Neighbourhoods with Positivity, Possibility, and Policy

As a community advocate, experienced leader, and committed family man, Evan is dedicated to initiating bold ideas, building shared vision, and setting direction for a thriving Ward 12. 

Evan Cares About What You Care About