I am excited to report that The City has reinstated aerial fireworks alongside its Canada Day celebration!

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Ricardo Ranch Development

Ward 12 is home to the Ricardo Ranch Area Structure Plan (Ricardo Ranch ASP).

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Odour Update May 2023

As we have already hit very warm temperatures in our City many noticed yesterday evening that the odour concerns have begun. Although mitigation has started, the odour will unfortunately not dissipate immediately, and it will take time to see results. Please continue to report the concerns to 311 and reach out to us as necessary. In the coming months, we look forward to starting community engagement and creating a local group to help advocate for these concerns.

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Rivers District and Event Centre deal

Transit Safety in Calgary and what is being done to improve it

February 7, 2024 Update

ūüöá Safety perceptions¬†on Calgary Transit are on the rise! A recent survey shows perceptions of safety improving, with 72% feeling secure on the CTrain during the day.

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Response to Concerns Related to Liquor Store Under Construction in McKenzie Towne

Inverness Square is an iconic and beautiful part of McKenzie Towne and Ward 12. The community concerns surrounding the permitting of a liquor store in this square are understandable. 

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Icy Sidewalks March Update

Many sidewalks in our ward are having issues with ice back-up due to the freeze/thaw cycle we are currently in. Although this happens to some extent every year, this year is a particularly treacherous one due to an exceptionally cold, long winter that has created more barriers for typical drainage such as areas with bare ground, blocked catch basins, and blocked gutters. In some areas, this has resulted in ice more than an inch thick!

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Odour Update February 2023

The City’s SE Odour Investigation has been ongoing throughout the winter months and concluded the air dispersion modelling to determine the likely sources of the odours.

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Brown = Green

How renewable energy projects on brownfield lands can advance our Climate Strategy and provide economic benefit. 

Incentivizing Low Carbon Investments - EC2023-0131 / Click here to read the NoM

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2023 Property Assessments and what they mean to you

On January 4th, Property Assessment Notices were mailed out by The City of Calgary.

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