Odour Update August 2023

Thank you Ward 12 for your patience as you waited for the odour report from our external consultants. The report (along with additional information and summaries) will be accessible on the Odours in S.E. Calgary City web page in the Fall.

While odour concerns continue to be linked to sources that are out of the control of The City of Calgary such as wetlands, agricultural activities, and storm ponds, there are plenty of actions for The City to take. Many of these were already discussed in our previous Odour Update May 2023 with work having already begun on many of the recommendations in the report.

While we are still experiencing odours as a Ward, The City has noted that they are seeing an improvement this year through their issue tracking. The hope is that progress is being made and with even better outcomes ahead as the improvements continue. For example, in our last update, we mentioned that work was underway at the Calgary Composting Facility to replace the biofilter (the primary odour management system) and that work is now complete.

One of the recommendations that our office immediately latched onto was a recommendation around a community interface where impacted residents of Ward 12 could interact with The City and other subject matter experts.

Work is underway on two information sessions this fall, and we will be working closely with local community associations to create a way for community members to discuss what they are experiencing and have it appropriately logged and addressed with our office and The City.  More information about this will be available in the Fall on the Odours in S.E. Calgary website, and we will be sure to broadcast it out through our communication channels as well.

When you notice odours, please continue to report through 311 so they can be appropriately tracked, and always feel free to reach out to our office.

For more information, please read previous blog posts on this topic SE Smells - Evan Spencer for Ward 12 and visit Odours in S.E. Calgary

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