Meet Evan Spencer, Calgary Councillor Candidate for Ward 12


These are trying times — economically, emotionally, physically, and mentally. Calgarians simply cannot afford an extended learning curve or discord among a mostly new City Council. Evan Spencer is ready to step into the role of Ward 12 councillor today. His leadership experience, hands-on City of Calgary knowledge, and community perspective make him Ward 12’s best choice for Councillor.

As a fervent policy nerd and seasoned Ward 12 community leader, Evan is well known for his commitment to building great neighbourhoods in Ward 12 over the past decade. More recently, he became a tenacious problem-solver as a City Council staffer and invested committee volunteer. Evan knows how the business of running Calgary actually works and how to compel people to plant personal and business roots here.

A natural collaborator and proven consensus-builder and connector, Evan is a master at gaining the required support to meet the many wants and needs of Ward 12 and Calgary. Evan’s commitment to fostering thriving neighbourhoods by spending smarter, improving livability, and growing jobs & opportunities is detailed in his 25 Initiatives for Now to 2025 — where he has identified Top 5 Priorities for his First 100 Days as your councillor.

Watch the video to learn more about Evan, his vision, and his experience. Click the menu above to discover his platform, endorsements, and more.