Rabbits and RHD


The Seton rabbit population has been decimated by RHD (Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease).

This illness has been reported in our province and is now spreading throughout our city with confirmed cases from both Seton and the Manchester Industrial areas. This particular strain (RHDV2) is highly contagious and can be transmitted between all lagomorphs which include all rabbits and our native hare species. Although this is transmittable to pet rabbits, humans and other animals are safe from this illness.

What can you do?

  • Stay away from remaining rabbits and hares, and especially do not feed them. You could unwittingly transfer this illness, further causing spread. Also, feeding feral rabbits creates a dependency on this food source; this disrupts the natural cycle of wildlife and their ability to co-exist in our natural urban settings. In general, do not feed wildlife.
  • If you have a pet rabbit, do your best to stay away from areas that could have infected rabbits (whether alive or dead: this illness can remain contagious from deceased rabbits). Wash your hands and clothing thoroughly if you think you may have been in contact with an area that has infected rabbits. Be aware of other animals or pets that could have come in contact with the illness. Read more here: www.calgarypetvet.com/rabbit-hemorrhagic-disease-info.html
  • If you see a deceased rabbit on City property, please report it to 311 as quickly as possible. Because of the contagious aspect of this illness, these reports have been given priority.
  • If you see a deceased rabbit on non-City property (such as shopping areas, the hospital, or the YMCA), please report them to the property owners to deal with it as quickly as possible.
  • If you have a deceased rabbit on your personal property, wear gloves, double bag it and place it in the black bin. www.calgary.ca/waste/what-goes-where/animals.html


Our office would like to thank community member Kyle Nernberg for his ongoing advocacy for the feral rabbit population in Seton and for helping our office stay informed.

For further advocacy in this cause, please follow and support Against All Odds Rabbit Rescue:




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