Odour Update February 2023

The City’s SE Odour Investigation has been ongoing throughout the winter months and concluded the air dispersion modelling to determine the likely sources of the odours.

They have now gathered the pertinent information to move on to Task 4 – Mitigation Recommendations. No single source stands out as the cause of the odours we are experiencing so Task 4 will focus on providing recommendations for mitigating all identified potential sources to reduce the impact of odours on SE Calgary residents.

Through the winter, there have continued to be odour concerns throughout our ward, with an unusual increase in January. Since this is not the norm, the investigation will continue to map and track odours to better understand any trends or anomalies.

The City’s consultant monitored and collected smell “fingerprints” from areas around the compost facility, the biosolids lagoons, the landfill, and the McKenzie lift station as these were identified as the most likely odour sources in the area. Although there are many more sources of odour in SE, such as the wetlands and the salt ponds surrounding us, at this time The City has excluded those from the Task 4 - Mitigation Recommendations to prioritize where they can have the greatest impact on odour reduction.

As we await the information on future plans after Task 4 is completed in early Spring, the consultant has confirmed that the odours we are experiencing in the SE are not harmful to our health. Our office continues to work with City administration on how to mitigate the problem to make sure we can all enjoy the outdoors. When you notice the odours, please continue to report them to 311:


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