Icy Sidewalks March Update

Many sidewalks in our ward are having issues with ice back-up due to the freeze/thaw cycle we are currently in. Although this happens to some extent every year, this year is a particularly treacherous one due to an exceptionally cold, long winter that has created more barriers for typical drainage such as areas with bare ground, blocked catch basins, and blocked gutters. In some areas, this has resulted in ice more than an inch thick!

What you can do if this happens on your property:

  • Do your best to remove it. Try chipping away portions of ice that are thinner and create pathways for the water to drain to the street or onto some grass.
  • Try to make sure areas that can’t be cleared aren’t slippery by applying salt, sand, or gravel mixtures. Free ‘pickle’ (salt/sand mixture) is available for pickup at the following locations:, including these ones in our ward:

Fire station #30 - 6 McKenzie Town Gate S.E. (on South West corner)

Fire station #41 - 3790 Seton Drive S.E. (on the East side of the building)


What you can do if there is Snow and ice plugging your storm drain

Follow these steps if it's safe and possible to do:

  • Clear snow, ice or debris like leaves and sticks away from the drain.
  • Create a channel to help water flow

Do not attempt to clean a storm drain if:

  • there is significant accumulation of ice,
  • it’s submerged in water,
  • or if the drain is full of debris or if the grate is damaged.

Contact 311. Don’t forget to take a photo of the storm drain and upload it via the 311 app or online request. This helps our crews respond on a priority basis.

Remember, water entering our storm drains eventually travels to Calgary’s rivers and streams without water treatment. Never dump chemicals or use ice salt on storm drains. In some areas, The City installs inlet control devices in the storm drains to manage how fast water flows into the pipes from the storm drain. These devices are designed to keep extra water on the road until the stormwater system can accept the extra water. This prevents the system from becoming overwhelmed with stormwater, avoiding water backups into basements or flooding into houses, garages and businesses. If the water on the road or street has not drained after 90-120 minutes, please contact 311. Read more about Storm drains in Calgary.


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