Evan Spencer Candidate for Ward 12 | Evan Takes the AUMA Pledge!


It is very easy for me to take the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association (AUMA) up on their challenge to all municipal candidates and councillors to take their Pledge and commit my campaign to the following:

  • focusing my¬†campaign on issues that municipal elected officials can influence.
  • maintaining independence and non-partisanship by rejecting any endorsements which would undermine my accountability to municipal residents (you) or the autonomy of the municipality (Ward 12).
  • demonstrating transparency by sharing my vision for the municipality and providing pre-election disclosure of campaign contributions and spending.
  • engaging in respectful behaviour by sharing my perspective, while respecting and seeking to understand differences. I am committed to Positivity, Possibility and Policy.

As a non-partisan candidate, my fundraising early in my campaign has been to kick off with support from from friends, family, and community members who easily jumped on board first and with my deepest gratitude!

  1. View my platform here to see municipal issues that I am focused on.
  2. My blog has many local interest issues and videos. View the Evan Knows series here where I connect issues with solutions I'm prepared to put to work.
  3. I commit to being transparent about funding. This is a "bootstrap" campaign where donations are from friends and family only as of writing. Should this change, we will post. See posts related to campaign donations here. Spending report will be available near the election date.
  4. The foundation of my values, and this campaign, is to engage in respectful behaviour that is focused on creating thriving neighbourhoods in Ward 12 and positive engagement in the City of Calgary and other levels of government on behalf of Ward 12 constituents and businesses.


~ Evan