Evan Knows | Getting Tech Funding for Calgary's Ward 12 Businesses

Ward 12 is fortunate to be rich with businesses of every kind and size from unique commercial, warehouse, industrial, not-for-profit businesses, and more in Shepherd Industrial area.

Evan Spencer's mission is to ensure businesses in Ward 12 are aware of, and can access, resources to shift out of pandemic survival into thriving. Evan also wants to ensure new businesses have awareness of resources and opportunities to start and grow.  

Our residential communities are fortunate to have a growing number of retailers, restaurants, home-based businesses that are part of the heart and soul of our thriving neighbourhoods. 

Evan knows strategies and steps to continue to diversify and strengthen the economy for Ward 12, which benefits all residents and the City of Calgary on whole. Evan knows how to find resources available and can create conversations to create more resources where not available.

For tech sector businesses seeking growth support with less bureaucracy and red tape, the Opportunity Calgary Investment Fund (OCIF) Tech Sector Boost, is a great resource to consider.

This venture capital matching grant through the City of Calgary is an example of how Evan's experience working with City Council gives him a rich knowledge of how to access resources within the City of Calgary to benefit Ward 12 on day one, when elected councillor.