Evan Knows | Green Line Funding

Evan Spencer, a former LRT on the Green member and city council staffer, is celebrating great news regarding the Green Line infrastructure. Funds have been released! With Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in Calgary to announce this news, alongside an elated Councillor Shane Keating and Mayor Naheed Nenshi, Ward 12 residents and Calgarians throughout the City should look forward to 20,000 jobs once the project gets under way and more than 400 permanent jobs. 

Evan has been and advocate and involved committee member for a portion of the 10 year history of this project. He has learned the extensive level of passion, commitment and advocacy it takes with all levels of government, stakeholders, business and residential communities to gain infrastructure buy-in and approvals. With this experience, Evan is prepared to step into the role of councillor on day one! And on day one, Evan is prepared to keep the pressure on to get shovels in the ground to start the Green Line project and then see it through as intended today, and funded to expand. The mission is to avoid costly overruns, costly delays, costly decision-making processes. But for today, we celebrate the first major milestone. Congratulations Ward 12!

June 2 Update:

A shift in the procurement strategy has resulted, finally, in an approval from our Provincial government for rapid transit to be built out to Shepherd, plus a BRT to Seton.

While this news finds us in the deep southeast seeing infrastructure funds finally approve, it is sadly not inclusive of rapid transit for our friends in the north, so far. Cost escalations from delays on approvals is something Calgary cannot keep facing. 

Optimistically, Evan is looking forward to the next steps of this major infrastructure project that benefits Ward 12 directly.


May 27 Update:

An adjustment in procurement has resulted in a new contractor agreement. Evan and other staff in City Council offices, are seeing this as a sign of trust from the Province and, optimistically, Evan is hopeful this will result in shovels in the ground in the new year. Funding agreements are yet to be released but that news should be coming soon.