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Evan Spencer, Cllr. Ward 12


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Local Issues

Speeding and traffic issues in Riverstone:

I’m excited to tell you all that this summer, temporary traffic calming measures will be put in place to improve safety along the bottom portion of Cranston Avenue S.E. These safety improvements are being considered in response to findings from a recent safety and operational review looking at operational speed and collisions in the area. The changes are expected to reduce incidents and near-misses involving motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians.

There is an online portal for you to provide feedback most efficiently, but please feel free to reach out with any questions and thoughts you have. After the temporary curbs are installed, your feedback through 311 and to our office will help decide what is working and what isn’t before permanent ones are installed.

This online portal will remain open until the end of June, so please give any feedback you have as soon as you can. The Mobility team will then go through the feedback and make finalized plans, with install happening in August. Cranston Avenue S.E. - Mobility safety improvements (


RRFB at Cranston Drive and Cramond Drive/Cranfield Park:

  - This RRFB is activated! Thank you to the community members who advocated to make this happen.

Crosswalk Safety at Cranford Way by the roundabout:

  - Our office had it brought to our attention that people were shortcutting through the crosswalk to access the roundabout from the nearby shopping centre. A bollard has been added to deter this. 

Multi-way stop request by Cranston School at Cranston Drive and Cranston Way:

  - Due to the split of volume of traffic in the area, a multi-way stop in this case would create additional delay for the north/south direction, which increases fuel emissions and the introduction of stopping increases the likelihood of rear-end collisions. We are looking at coming out with Calgary Parking and our Community Resource Officer to see what is happening around this school during the morning rush (Sibylla Kiddle School is also one we are working with them on).


Mowing update:

- Park’s contractors had another productive weekend, teamed with the favorable weather they completed 14 communities within the Zone. They are tracking cycle #2 completion by the end of the weekend, which would mean Cranston will be cut this week. The remaining boulevards and Roadside Greens will be cut today. If you haven’t noticed an improvement by early next week, please report to 311 and send me the SR number for follow-up.

Regular mowing in our parks, community boulevards and playfields is planned as normal this year with adjustments based on weather conditions.  

  • In the event of heavy rain, areas will be left to dry before mowing to avoid damage from heavy mowing equipment sinking into the ground.  
  • Drier conditions will result in less frequent mowing as the growth of grass slows.  
  • In extremely dry conditions, we plan on diverting resources from mowing towards increasing shrub bed maintenance in our parks. 


Naturalization Pilot:

Select locations in Calgary’s northeast and southeast, Calgarians can expect to see some roadside greenspaces with longer grass as Parks explores opportunities to naturalize areas this year. This follows a number of successful pilot projects and moves Calgary towards natural areas that are more resilient to soil erosion and drier conditions. 

Naturalized areas help address climate change concerns like air and water pollution. Vegetation (like trees and native grasses) helps absorb pollutants and regulate temperatures, contributing to overall ecosystem health. Less water and maintenance are needed in naturalized areas which can lead to longer-term cost savings. Mowing is still planned on roadways for shoulder areas (known as a “shoulder cut”) to maintain sightlines for drivers and to provide a safe area to stop as needed. 

Monitoring these sites and feedback this year will help inform future plans as they explore ways to introduce wildflower and grass species that are native and adapted to Calgary’s changing climate. 

These are the locations that will be Naturalized in the southeast:

Peigan TR SE (north side only) between 26 ST SE and 52 ST SE 

Glenmore TR SE24 ST SE 

Glenmore TR SE at 52 ST SE 

Glenmore TR SE at Barlow TR SE 

Glenmore TR SE between Blackfoot TR SE and 52 ST SE 

Barlow TR SE between 50 AV SE and 114 AV SE 

114 AV SE at 52 ST SE 

130 AV SE at 52 ST SE 

52 ST SE (west side only) between 130 AV SE and Auburn Bay DR SE 

Seton BLVD SE at 52 ST SE 

Memorial DR SE at Barlow TR SE 

17 AV SE (south side only) between 68 ST SE and 70 ST SE 

Blackfoot TR SE between 17A ST SE and Southland DR SE 

Heritage DR SE between Blackfoot TR SE and Glenmore TR SE 

Anderson RD SE between MacLeod TR SE and Deerfoot TR SE 

Bow Bottom TR SE between Anderson RD SE and 153 AV SE 

Canyon Meadows DR SE between MacLeod TR SE and Bow Bottom TR SE 

MacLeod TR SE (east side only) between Anderson RD SE and 194 AV SE 


Rezoning and Ward 12:

Rezoning Amendments - Evan Spencer for Ward 12

Rezoning Daily Rollup - Evan Spencer for Ward 12

Public Hearing and Ward 12 - Evan Spencer for Ward 12

Rezoning Ward 12 Survey Results

R-G in Ward 12

Parts of Cranston are already zoned R-G or its pre-curser R-2M. Curious if where you live is already zoned this? 

This map will show you areas that will be rezoned to R-G

This map will show you information about your property, including the current zoning designation. 


City Topics

Street SweepingDue to the feeder main break and the water restrictions in place as a cause, the City's street sweeping program has been postponed. Water is required during sweeping operations to reduce dust buildup, clean vehicles and help with material pickup. At this time, it is expected to resume on July 8. The website will be updated closer to this date with more information on when Cranston will be addressed. 

Critical water main break - June 2024 - Read the latest updates

Community Cleanups - Cranston is holding there's on July 27th

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