Donations - Update 2

Future fundraising efforts involve you.

Should you wish to support the movement to ensure a collaborative, non-partisan, experienced candidate – Evan Spencer – is elected. These are the ways you can help right away:

  • donate here to support efforts to get the word out through signs, advertising, and events
  • follow us on social media (links at the bottom of this page) and share with your friends

Wondering about donation rules? You can find them all here. 

Can't donate but would like to support?

Register to receive a lawn sign or become a volunteer! (Of course we would be happy to receive a donation, provide a lawn sign and accept volunteer help too.) Whatever you can offer is greatly appreciated. We are winning in Ward 12 with your support.

A statement from Evan:

Thank you Ward 12 neighbours! I am and will remain independent in my commitment to Ward 12 residents and businesses — with no influence from outside parties. I have actively volunteered and worked in Ward 12 for the last decade and am committed to the citizens and organizations living, working and playing in the deep southeast.

My campaign is not sponsored by or funded from any third party advertiser, PAC or special interest group. Nor does it have influence from outside parties or interests. I recognize some third party organizations have endorsed me as their preferred and recommended candidate. I am grateful for the trust they place in me to be an advocate for all Ward 12 residents and businesses.

However, my campaign funding is bootstrapped from only friends, family, and community members. You can find a full list of donations here and will be updated several times prior to election day. I am a non-partisan candidate with cross-partisan support. I have no affiliation with any party or unions.

Donations Received to Team Evan as of September 8, 2021


Donations $500 and under

Adam Noble-Johnson

Adrian Armanca

Alexis and Condredge Dole

Allen Gervais

Blaire d'Agenais

Bowdie Bragg

Brett and Michelle Lee Friesen

Carmen Berting-Akre

Caroline Mack

Chad Albrecht

Chris Beadle

Christopher Nowell

Cliff Pederson

Dale Henwood

David McCorkill

Dawn McKay

Evelyn Tanaka

Holly Davidson

Izabela Holospin

Janelle Kermode

Jeff Collins

Jordan Blasetti

Joylynn Matheson

Kathryn Oberg

Kerry Skrapec

Kimberly and Dan Findlay

Kourtney Branagan

Laurie Cusveller

Lisa Liu

Lisa Sarchuk

Louise Murphy

Marlee Lovatt

Matthew Brito

Melissa Tuplin

Nicole Marr

Norm Shanahan

Ryan Houston

Sandra White

Sarah Ferguson

Sarah Papineau

Sarah Spensley

Shannon Lyons

Stella Penner

Thilo Kaufmann

Timothy Lacroix

Tracey Khan

Tyler Engel

Victoria Boudreau

William Jacobsen


Donations $501 to $5000

Alec McDougall

Angela I Jacques

Graham and Yvonne Anderson

Jack Cohen

Janet Burton

Joe Murphy

Kelsey Plett

Sanders Lee

Steve To

Wayne Chiu