2024 - Property Tax Bill Mailout

2024 Property Tax Bill Mailout

This year the impacts of the 2023 Adjustments come to bear on the 2024 tax bills. It is important to note that condos and apartments saw a proportionally larger increase in valuation which directly impacts their tax bill this year through our revenue neutral system which means most will see increases larger than the 10 percent increase for residential properties. Read on for more information...

How does the City determine my property tax rate?

Each year City Council approves the budget needed to support City services. To get the amount of revenues required from property taxes, The City takes the overall expenditure and subtracts all other sources of revenue such as license fees, permits, user fees and provincial grants. The balance is the amount to be raised through municipal property taxes.

In order to calculate property tax, tax rates are established. The rates reflect the amount of tax to be paid for every $1 of assessed value.​

The Municipal tax rate equals the total property tax revenue required by The City of Calgary divided by the total assessment.

The City of Calgary has an informative video on this topic here.

You may also refer to my past blog on property assessments and what they mean to you.

Your property’s year-to-year value change compared to the typical value change for all residential (or non-residential) properties determines how your property tax bill might be impacted.

2024 typical value changes:

  • 10 per cent residential properties
  • 3.5 per cent non-residential properties

For example, the typical value change for residential properties in 2024 is 10 per cent.


Funds collected through property tax are split between the Alberta Government and The City of Calgary. The municipal portion of property tax is a vital source of revenue to deliver city services such as police, fire, transit, roads and parks. It also helps pay for services like recreation and social programs. Property owners can go to the calgary.ca/taxbreakdown to enter the amount of their property tax and see how their City of Calgary property tax dollars are invested in City services that Calgarians rely on every day.

Here are some common questions around property taxes:

What if I don’t receive my property tax bill?

By the end of next week, all property owners should have received their property tax bill in the mail. Property owners who have not received their property tax bill by the first week of June should contact 311 to obtain a statement of account.


When is my property tax bill due?

Property tax is due on June 28th this year.

A late payment penalty applies to all accounts that pay after the June 28 due date, including property owners who did not receive their tax bill in the mail.


How do I pay my property tax bill?

Property tax bills can be paid directly to the City by visiting a City cashier, drop off at the City’s 24-hour deposit box, mail, courier, ATM/bank machine, phone banking, online banking, in person at the bank, and mortgage company/bank-principal, interest and tax (PIT).


What if I can’t afford to pay my bill all at once?

The property tax deadline does not apply to property owners who pay monthly through The City’s Tax Instalment Payment Plan (TIPP). Over 310,000 property owners pay their tax monthly through TIPP.

The easiest and fastest way to join TIPP is by using TIPP Online. It’s easy, safe and secure. Through TIPP Online, a customized agreement will be processed automatically. Once submitted, property owners will receive an email confirming their enrolment. TIPP Online can be accessed by going to www.calgary.ca/TIPP and clicking on the Join TIPP box.


Information for low-income Calgarians

Help is available to assist eligible low-income homeowners who meet income guidelines and eligibility criteria, regardless of age. For more information visit calgary.ca/ptap.



If you need clarification on your tax bill, I would encourage you to reach out to the Assessment Office. I and my office are also willing to help fill in any gaps and ready to receive general feedback that this raises for you.

Email my office at: [email protected] or contact Assessment


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